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Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems


When planning and designing a commercial kitchen one of the major factors to consider is the extraction system. Planning authorities can be very particular in their requirement for the treatment of noise and odour in relation to extraction. Environmental Health officers will usually direct planning applicants to the DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) report which sets out

Guidance on the Control of Odour and Noise from Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems

This 100 page report can be a daunting prospect for the non specialist so it is vital that professional advice is obtained when installing an extract system into a commercial kitchen.

In summary the planning authorities will assess 4 key factors in their consideration of noise and odour when considering an application for a commercial catering kitchen extract system.

Cooking Type Pub, Italian,Chinese,Indian, Café, French etc
Size of Kitchen Relates to the number of covers
Proximity of Receptors The distance to other properties that may be affected
Dispersion The discharge point of the extract system, eg High, Low level

In essence each of these factors is scored against a set of criteria. The score obtained will determine the level, if any, of the noise and odour treatment required.

As a specialist in Commercial Kitchen Design,  Bettaquip can provide professional advice on how best to plan the extract system for your Commercial Catering Project.

So let a Bettaquip Commercial Kitchen Designer create a perfect kitchen layout for you, while our projects team manage your build from end to end.

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