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Indulgent Christmas Truffles (with a glug of Jack!)

Indulgent Christmas Truffles (with a glug of Jack!)

Can you believe that Christmas is only next week?!

Alan has been hard at work talking to lots of customers about their new kitchen projects for 2016, but we've managed to pin him down for one last recipe.

These are super indulgent and when Alan says a "glug" he means a big "glug"


Christmas Truffles

  • 250 gms Dark Choc
  • 40 gms Unsalted butter
  • 225 mls Double Cream
  • 1 tbs Honey
  • A very good glug of Jack Daniels
  • Grated zest of 1 satsuma

Grate the chocolate into a bowl, dice the butter into small pieces

Grate over the Satsuma zest, add in the JD to the Chocolate and Honey

Bring the cream to the boil, when almost half way up the pan add to the chocolate, stir until all is melted and smooth.

Chill until set this could take ¾ hours.

Scoop out truffle shapes with a tea spoon (tip spoon into boiling water then shape truffle)

Place onto a cold plate until all has been used

You can roll them in your hands for a round shape, this is messy as your hands are warm,  the spoon gives a more rustic shape

For the Coating

Coat in Cocoa, chopped nuts, Pistachio nuts, icing sugar, even space dust, amoretti biscuits crumbed.

Coat in melted chocolate use a cocktail stick to hold the truffle when dipping.

Serve in little paper cups use as an edible gift

Hey if you fancy making a chocolate Fondant for a special dessert use a truffle in the middle of the sponge mix this will then melt nicely when you cut the Fondant open, just a thought.

Above all, have a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year!
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