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New College Oxford

The project:

To replace old kitchen facilities with new equipment capable of feeding 40 Fellows, 100 or so staff and about 600 junior members, undergraduates and graduates, all of whom work or study in a college built in 1379.

The result:

BETTAquip installed a Molteni kitchen suite. Molteni suites are individually built to meet the exact requirements of the user. Molteni is part of the Electrolux Group, the worlds No 1 choice for powered equipment for kitchen, cleaning and outdoor use. Its foodservice division produces equipment for food preparation, cold storage, cooking and ware washing carrying the world famous brand names of Electrolux, Zanussi Professional, Molteni and Dito.

The response: 

Catering Manager Brian Cole:

"I could have chosen a simple replacement but in ten years' time I know I would be replacing it again. Twenty years from now the Molteni suite will still be going strong and although expensive it will actually be the most cost effective long term solution. It is very robust and materials are much thicker than used in other equipment I looked at. I discussed with our chefs the good and bad points of our old equipment and specified a solution that would retain the good and resolve the bad points. The chefs really appreciate this new cooking suite and it shows in the way they care for it."