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Anthony’s Patisserie

The Project:

To design and install a new kitchen at the patisserie of award winning chef Anthony Flinn, developed to offer light luncheon, true homemade pastries, confectionery and bonbons of the highest standard.

The Result:

Located in Victoria Quarter, the most sought after real estate in the centre of Leeds, the new Patisserie offers a casual daytime dining experience. The menu includes handmade chocolates, afternoon tea and light luchtime meals that include dishes such as truffle dressed French beans, quail eggs kalarmata olives. All the food is prepared from fresh ingredients from a compact but state of the art kitchen designed and equipped by BETTAquip. Equipment includes combi ovens and induction tops from the Electrolux Professional range. Induction tops are energy saving and give off very little waste heat They only operate when a pan is placed on them, unlike gas burners that tend to be left on all the time. Anthony previously worked on induction tops at El Bulli in Spain and has them installed in the kitchen of his original Anthony's restaurant.