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Anthony’s Restaurant

The project: 

To create a user friendly and state of the art kitchen with fuel efficient equipment that doesn't push out waste heat and fumes into the working environment. All this at an award winning restaurant owned by chef Tony Flinn, who had previously worked with the renowned Ferran Adriá at El Bulli in Spain.

The result:

The BETTAquip design was selected because it was based on a complete kitchen of Electrolux equipment designed to suite together, offering  all the cooking functions required by Anthony Flinn. This includes the induction tops that he used in the El Bulli kitchen. Induction tops only operate when a pan is placed on them, unlike gas burners that tend to be left on all the time.

BETTAquip designed an all electric kitchen with a suite of Electrolux S90 modular cooking units incorporating a griddle, solid top and induction hotplates. Matching refrigerated storage counters and preparation tables also come from the Electrolux range of products.