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MYO Restaurant

The project:

To install a showpiece theatre style kitchen and a second kitchen behind the scenes where most of the preparation takes place. 

The result:

With the equipment on view it is important that it looks good, not just now but for years to come. Everything also has to be in the right place so that the chefs do not have to run backwards and forwards unecessarily. Bettaquip equipped the theatre style kitchen and a second kitchen behind the scenes where much of the preparation work takes place. This kitchen includes a combi oven stacked on a blast chiller to enable much of the preparation work to be carried out well before the first diners arrive, with food reheated just prior to service. This behind the scenes kitchen is also the location for a dishwasher for cleaning up after the diners have finished.

In stylish contemporary surroundings customers can choose from a wide range of specialities from around the world and actually watch their food being prepared in an impressive open show kitchen in the centre of the restaurant.

The response: 

Owner and award winning chef Rois Ali:

"The showpiece kitchen is an integral part of our business plan, creating a wow factor in the heart of the restaurant where diners can see our chefs freshly preparing stir fries, naan bread and other of our specialities. We want our customers to see what is available displayed in an attractive way. "